NIKE CLASSIC CORTEZ NIKE LEATHERE ナイキ コルテッツ CLASSIC クラシック メンズ スニーカー メンズ ホワイト 749571-100, イミズグン:f300dbd2 ---
The cherry blossom season has come in Japan!

Related posts: Sakura (cherry blossoms) 2014 The foliage season The foliage season has come! The season of swallows Sakura (Japanese Cherry) […]

Cleaning your kimono & obi outside Japan

You might have your favorite and precious kimono or obi which are made of silk and wonder how to clean them. Cleaning kimono is very delicat […]

KIKU (Chrysanthemum)
KIKU (Chrysanthemum)

Chrysanthemum blooms in autumn and is the representative flower of Japan as well as Sakura and the symbol of longevity. Its motif is used fo […]

edo moji 05
Edo Moji/ Edomoji (Edo Style Characters) – Kanji & Hiragana

Edo Moji (Edo Style Characters) is a generic term of designed characters which were mainly used in Edo period (17-19C). It has various kinds […]

edo kiriko
Luxury Glassware- Sumida Glassware Market

Go treasure-hunting! Glassworks such as luxury crystal cut glass or handmade ornaments by high-skilled glassworkers at a bargain price. In d […]

Tie-dyeing Obiage with Sakura wood chip!

Preparation | Spot patterns | Stripe pattern | Abstract pattern | Hexagon & square patterns | Dyeing & Coordinating with Kimono and […]

Chichibu Whisky Matsuri (A whisky festival in Japan)

A whisky festival, “Chichibu Whisky Matsuri (festival)” has been an annual event in Chichibu (Saitama pref.), where one of the famous Japane […]

Sanada, the best warrior in Japan

What is Sanada clan? | Rokumonsen, their crest | The best warrior in Japan | Sanada Strap What is Sanada clan? The land of Sanada’s or […]

Hitoe kimono for June and September

Kimono without liner is called “Hitoe”, which means single cloth. As a custom, hitoe kimono is only wearable in June and Septemb […]

Rare Japanese Sake using the best water in Japan

As Japanese sake is made from only rice and water, these 2 elements are the most important. There is a good Japanese sake (rice wine/nihonsh […]

Japanese Folktale Series #1 “Such a Face”

What kind of face would appear? A traditional Japanese falktale which has been handed down in Wakayama pref. ****** Once upon a time, in a c […]

Tsubame (Swallow)

Swallows come to Japan at the end of spring, and they spend a summer and raise chicks. They usually build a nest of mud and grasses around h […]

Kaminari (Thunder & Lightning bolt)

KAMINARI motifs Square-cochleate design. Some of them form one combination pattern. It also is known as a Chinese traditional motif. “ […]

Sakura (cherry blossoms) 2014

In early April, sakura, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom in the Kanto region. Their beautiful appearance attracts many people. If you c […]

NIKE CLASSIC CORTEZ NIKE LEATHERE ナイキ コルテッツ CLASSIC クラシック メンズ スニーカー メンズ ホワイト 749571-100, イミズグン:f300dbd2 ---

Hanafuda (Japanese playing cards)

About Hanafuda | How to play | Combo About Hanafuda Hanafuda is a Japanese traditional card game. It is a braingame by reaching a deduction […]

Sakura (Japanese Cherry)

We can see various motifs of sakura in many things. In many primary school, teachers affix such stamps to evaluate students results of homew […]

Cho (Butterfly)

The motif of butterfliy has been used on various things. Related posts: Japanese Traditional Colors – Overview Hitoe kimono for June a […]

NIKE CLASSIC CORTEZ LEATHERE ナイキ コルテッツ クラシック スニーカー メンズ ホワイト 749571-100
Yukiwa (Snow Wreath)

The shape of the snow crystal is usually a concentric and hexagonal. The “Snow Wreath” is a stylized motif of the snow crystal, […]

Japanese Traditional Colors – Achromatic color

ACROMATIC COLOR (Black, White and Gray) The range of achromatic color is very wide. Many grayish colors were expressed as the colors of Japa […]

Japanese Traditional Colors – Purple

PURPLE We can say purple is the most noble color. (“Kodai-murasaki”is the most typical.) Since ancient times, purple has been the noble colo […]

Japanese Traditional Colors – Blue

BLUE Since ancient times, blue has been liked by the common people while purple has been a noble color. Especially, “ai-iro” line is one of […]

Japanese Traditional Colors – Green

GREEN Most of the greenish colors were generated by vegetation, and their names were also derived from vegetation as well as birds. *An exam […]

Kumo (Clouds)

In ancient times, the Chinese people performed augury by observing the figure or color of clouds which climbed toward the sky from mountains […]

Seigaiha (Blue sea and waves)

Geometrical or repetitive patterns are fine and repeating, and often used for the background of the main motif to enrich the total design. T […]

Onsen Tamago

In many onsen resorts, you can see “Onsen Tamago” (hot spring eggs) sold. “Onsen Tamago” is boildegg, made by dippin […]


Nanten is regarded as a lucky tree which changes bad luck to good luck. It bears red fruits in Autumn and they grow to about 0.5 centimeters […]

Usagi (Rabbit)

Rabbits have been popular with many Japanese people, and their motif has been used on various items such as table wares, kimono, obi and gen […]


What is Yuzen? | How to dye Yuzen | Products | Other Yuzen What is Yuzen? Yuzen is one of the tipical way of dyeing fabric. It’s said […]


Eating soba | Let’s make soba! | How to boil soba | Tools for making soba Eating Soba Soba is one of the most favorit food of either f […]

The Types of OBI

OBI Fukuo-obi / Nagoya-obi / Hanhaba-obi Designs of OBI Zentsu-gara / Rokutsu-gara / Otaiko-gara Fukuo-obi “Fukuro” means a bag […]

The Types of KIMONO

Index Contents Dyeing Piece-dye / Yarn-dye Tailoring Awase / Hitoe / Usumono & Seika Time, Place and Ocasion Furisode / Tomesode (Black) […]

Omamori (Amulet)

Amulet Many kinds of amulets such as road safety, the welfare of the household, scholarship etc. are sold in a shrine or a temple. But it&#8 […]


What is Omikuji? Omikuji is called “Fortune telling paper” and usually taken as a fun, but it is a message from the gods and ver […]

Japanese Traditional Colors – Yellow

YELLOW In the ancient times, yellowish colors were generated by cape jasmine or chinese corktree. It is not clear why yellow is called “Ki(- […]

The foliage season

The foliage season has come in Japan. (in middle of November) We can see and enjoy the beautiful color of leaves anywhere! Related posts: Sa […]


What is Ryokan? When you travel to Japan, you can stay in a hotel which provide modern services and building, or “Ryokan” which […]

Sake (Nihonshu)

SAKE (NIHONSHU) Japanese Sake is a brewed beverage in which rice, water, and rice koji (microorganism) are contained, and it is also used fo […]

NIKE CLASSIC CORTEZ LEATHERE ナイキ コルテッツ クラシック スニーカー メンズ ホワイト 749571-100

What is SAMURAI? “Samurai” refers to the warriors who put sword(s) on and exceled in swordsmanship, archery, equestrian skill, l […]

Japanese Traditional Colors – Brown & Orange

BROWN & ORANGE “Daidai” means a bitter orange. “Cha” of “Chairo” means Japanese green tea, and brownish colors were generated by decocte […]

Japanese Traditional Colors – Red

RED In the ancient times, reddish colors were generated by Akane (Rubia akane) or Benibana (Safflower). Purple is known as the noble color a […]


There are many historical temples in Japan. Pass under a gate called “Sanmon” and go into the temple ground. At the both side of […]

Edokomon – Kimono

The feature of Edokomon (Edo-komon) is tiny and elaborate design dyed with pattern papers called “Ise-Katagami” as well as saras […]

Features of Japanese ANIME

The features of Japanese anime have close relationship to the process of production. * The style of most works is “Limited animation&# […]

Anime? Japanimation?

The Japanese Animation has been developed in a different direction from other countries’ animation and had a unique style. The animate […]

How to bathe in Onsen

There are some manners to take the water. They have something in common with the manners in Sento (public bathhouse). Before bathing : You m […]

Benefits of Onsen

The size of bath tubs are variable. As a large one, its capacity is several dozen of persons, in contrast a small one, a few persons. And va […]

Ume Liquor/ Ume Wine (Plum Liquor/ Plum Wine) – Japanese Umeshu

“Umeshu” is a kind of liquors that is made from green ume and alchohol content of around 70-80 proofUS (60-70 proofUK), and typi […]

NIKE CLASSIC CORTEZ NIKE LEATHERE ナイキ コルテッツ CLASSIC クラシック メンズ スニーカー メンズ ホワイト 749571-100, イミズグン:f300dbd2 ---

Rカメラ(BMW)【評価書付】【中古】 Mスポーツ 320dブルーパフォーマンス 純正ナビ BMWマキタ CL106FDSHW【0088381829854:16480】 充電式クリーナエアバランサー EHB-130_ABC-5G-B EHB-130 ABC-5G-B付き 【運賃見積り】【直送品】ENDO【代引・日時指定・北海道沖縄離島配送不可】ロッキープラス ルーフキャリア 【SEシリーズ 重量物用】 8本脚 SE-540M オールステンレス99工房 補修用品 【ケース販売】【50個単位】ソフト99(SOFT99) 09018 幅広マフラー耐熱テープふわふわマイクロクロス CC-15 【ケース販売】【50個単位】ワコー(WAKO) GY■TRUSCO シューズケース 24人用 900X380XH1700 シリンダ錠 SC-24PA トラスコ中山(株)[TR-3363082] [個人宅配送不可] , ノンフレーム 【幅40cm×奥行3cm×高さ145cm】 飛散防止加工【代引不可】 ウォールミラー/壁掛け鏡アリクス 1017 ALYX 9SM メンズ トップス 半袖シャツ【Stevie Button Up Shirt】Neon Yellow , コイズミ ダウンスポットライト(本体のみ)XD91179L , SOTO ハイパワーツーバーナー ST-525SB , 1.State ファッション アウター 1.STATE One-Button Stretch Crepe Blazer , Tan/Tan Cruiser B076RF4PJ5 Fringe Print レディース Dark Tan/Tan 7.5 Leopard 7.5|Dark [Ariat] Leopard Print(EE) Aged Wide 13 US 13 Bark Bark (EE) [Ariat] B001AS8WEM Sierrra US|Aged Wide メンズx カラー10 23.6インチ H 47.2" B07KBWVMTD Zentangle エスニックアニマル 15.7 Octopus 47.2\ ペールブルーとホワイト H バスルームマット H ハーフラウンドドアマット xD D 70.8"SecuSTATION AHD 防犯カメラ3台 ドーム型 録画機 フルHD 日本メーカー マイク内蔵1台 1TB SC-XA42 録画機1TB内蔵 ドーム型マイク内蔵カメラ1台 + 通常ドーム型カメラ2台 B077GN1XL9 , B07PS83YQ6 : クリエイティブなシャンデリア、リビングルームのランプ、セラミックガラスのランプシェード、シャンデリア、刻まれたランプ、照明 6heads) (Size Xiaoyunaアヤラバー/ピアストロピカルレモンAZURE B07KVSHWVP オームズビー 7弦 GTR7 BLUE AB Guitars PGMS Ormsby エレキギター TX CAR オームズビーPurple B0050DDOW8 6パック XLRメスパッチケーブルに3フィートパープルXLRオスの耐震オーディオSAXLX-3
NIKE CLASSIC CORTEZ LEATHERE ナイキ コルテッツ クラシック スニーカー メンズ ホワイト 749571-100
ダウンジャケット 【中古】美品●正規品 XXS JOHN ウールリッチ 1602160 RICH&BROS リアルファー・フード付き アークティックパーカー マスタード【直送品】【代引き不可】SCM03 テイコブコンパクトシャワーチェア(背付)ご注文後2~3営業日後の出荷となりますフロント 431300-5200M ジムニー SPORT ディスクローター JB23W モンスタースポーツ MONSTER , A-JOY ブラウン ソファベンチ W150 エージョイ リビングでもダイニングでも使える 4点セット(テーブル+ソファ1脚+アームソファ1脚+オットマン1脚) ,

送料込! ネイビー】 【2人掛け リブレスト』 自動膨張式 肘付き 『LIBREST 圧縮ウレタンソファー/ローソファー

RT-33 フラットブラック L OGK(オージーケーカブト) RT-33 1個

LEBEN ATC4301 中 ののじ オールステンレス調理用ターナー レーベン販売 ) BTN-002M ( ,

2603612 アカオアルミ手付番重(特大)150mm

EBMさわら角セイロ(身)浅口39cmAb's Crews 【梅田店】 / Maniac See-through 【中古】 Sound Blue 6-strings , jeans/(M)Tilted / パンツ/ジーンズ【RBA_S】【RBA_E】【送料無料】 フランクリンアンドマーシャル ヌーディージーンズ Tor_スリムジーンズ 【SALE/50%OFF】nudie

V241656 classic ビクトリノックス スイス スイス watchビクトリノックス quartz メンズ Mens メンズ chrono Victorinox 腕時計 腕時計

グリーン×アイボリー×マルチ ベスト OLLEBOREBLA(アルベロベロ) フラワー/ブタ【中古】 サイズM レディース美品■

Womens サンダル by Multi Slingback Leather Spring Bronze Calpie L'Artiste Step スプリングステップ

型はめパズル 女の子 お絵かき 女 知育おもちゃ 木のおもちゃ 誕生日プレゼント 【知育玩具】7in1アクティビティセンター おしゃれ アイムトイ 出産祝い パズル 男の子 3歳 4歳 幼児玩具 型はめ オモチャ 木製 幼児 男 知育玩具 子供 おもちゃ 木製玩具 | ボード 誕生日 , 深型2段 ピンク CWR-412-P TRUSCO トラスコ中山 カラーワゴンロイヤル 浅型1段 , Megan Muffler シルバー シングル (海外取寄せ品) レーシング クローム pipping O-ST w/ xD 2.5" 08-10 Scion Tip オーバルLPガス D(3連) 【11日エントリーでポイント3倍】【送料無料】サイフォンガステーブル FSI014/12・13AFSI015【TC】【en】 SSH-503SDRM-1033 日本製 レッド・ブル-【TD】【スミノエ】 ミッキー 防ダニ ディスニー アンティーク 100×140 耐熱加工 おしゃれ 【11日エントリーでポイント3倍】【送料無料】MICKEY/Assemble RAG ラグ カーペット キャラクター , トラベル デイリー new メンズ スポーツ カジュアル スニーカー クッション性 ウォーキング D ランニングシューズ 180995 ホワイト balance M995 通気性 安定性 ニューバランス

Spitchcock is one of the most popular Japanese foods. It’s grilled and put mop sauce. The recipe of the sauce is secret and varies by […]


We see many beautiful cherry blossoms in April. Related posts: Hitoe kimono for June and September The foliage season has come! Hanafuda (Ja […]

hakone kaiseki

“Kaiseki (ryori)” is one of the Japanese traditional style of cuisines, originated in Tea Ceremony. First, appetizers are follow […]

Unique Quality of Japanese MANGA and ANIME

Japanese Manga and Anime are not only entertainment but something which enlight us via their stories. The themes of such Manga or Anime are often sports or school life, however, many SF or action stories also tell us something. We can learn team work, friendship, tender thought, the meaning of life etc.

Sarasa Komon – Kimono

What is Komon? ” Komon” is one of kimono types, which has little patterns in whole. And the patterns are regardless of position while homongi or tsukesage has upward patterns.


There are numerous Shinto Shrines and Buddhism Temples in Japan and they are integrated into people’s everyday life. There is a little […]

Onsen – What kind of Onsen do you go?

“Onsen” is a Japanese natural hot spring and mostly therapeutic. Since Japan is located in one of the world’s premier volc […]

About Japan 1 – General Character & Religious Beliefs

General Character Originally, Japanese have been agricultural people, this have had a profound influence on the culture and the way of livin […]

Japanese Traditional Colors – Overview

Here is introduced the fascination of the Japanese traditional colors. You must feel the rich terms of the names and its beautiful color tap […]

NIKE CLASSIC CORTEZ NIKE LEATHERE ナイキ コルテッツ CLASSIC クラシック メンズ スニーカー メンズ ホワイト 749571-100, イミズグン:f300dbd2 ---

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